What are some good Internet hacks?

What are some good Internet hacks?
Some hacks

In fact, we know stacks of different hacks - and everyone will make you wonder how you ever survived this long without them.

1.Download YouTube videos

• You can download any YouTube video just by typing "ss" before the SS "youtube" part of a video's URL link in your address bar.

How to download youtube video
Download YouTube video

• Not exclusively would you be able to look over changed document types yet in addition any goal up to the first quality.

2. QR codes grant access to Wi-Fi networks

Just head to this site, at that point enter your Wi-Fi subtleties, and a QR code will be produced. This QR code awards admittance to your Wi-Fi organization. 

Wifi QR code
Wifi QR-code

• You can print it off and afterward stick it anyplace in your home for a companion to examine at whatever point they visit.

3. Make a font from your handwriting

This one is for the textual style addicts out there... A site called My Script Font .com can change over your own penmanship into a typeface you can download to your PC and generally use.

• There are actually several different ways to convert your handwriting into a font, but we think this one is among the easiest.

4. Remotely log out of Facebook

Security tips are consistently worth a notice, particularly with regards to Facebook, considering a lot of people utilizes the social networks.

 • Have you ever checked Facebook on a strange device and then realized you forgot to log out?

• Never dread - you can log out still, distantly. Go to the "settings" drop down menu on your Facebook, at that point select "security", and explore to "when you're logged in". 

• From there, you can see all open sessions and close any of them.

5. Use emoji on desktops 

• If you thought emoji were limited to mobile devices, think again. You can use them on a desktop, too. For Mac: Press control+command+ space bar to get the emoji menu.

For PC: Windows 7 clients can glue emoticon from getemoji.com, while Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 clients can choose Touch Keyboard, and afterward the smiley face on the base left.

6.Use your keyboard to scroll on webpages

•  This stunt may be notable, yet we thought it was as yet worth including: Use the space bar to look down on any site page. 

• You can even hold the move key and the space bar simultaneously to look up.

7.Watch blocked Netflix movies

• Netflix's real time feature blocks you from getting to content restricted to specific nations and areas, yet a free program augmentation called Hola permits you to visit sites that are something else blocked in your country.

Watch netflix video free
Watch netflix

• Netflix subscribers can therefore use Hola to increase the catalog they have access to on the web.

8. Know the best time to pee during a movie

• This one is just plain funny... Download the RunPee app to your iOS, Android, or Windows device.

It'll disclose to you the best an ideal opportunity to go to the restroom while observing any film so you will not miss an astonishing scene or unexpected development.

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